Review of Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies is a straightforward blackjack game by Galaxy Gaming that mixes the classic card game with an entertaining side bet. The Queen of Hearts, often known as the fortunate lady, is a particular card in this game. If you play the side bet, you must keep an eye out for these fortunate characters, as they may result in substantial additional prizes.

In this blackjack variant, the objective is to beat the dealer by coming as near as 21 without exceeding it. This standard blackjack game has a novel extra bet that allows you to win additional payouts for making twenty with your first two cards and up to 1,000 times your wager for matching your Queen of Hearts with a dealer blackjack.

Blackjack while holding Queens

This entertaining game may be played on a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet for mobile pleasure. There is a traditional configuration with a green baize backdrop, the standard dealer chip tray, blackjack table markings, and chop choices. To put a wager and begin playing for real money, you must pick your wager by clicking on the colorful chips on the screen’s side. Choose from $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500 chip denominations to generate your perfect wager.

If you choose to play the side game in Lucky Ladies, you must put your chips on the purple circle with the words “First 2 cards equal 20.” The lowest wager is $5, while the maximum stake per game is $600, which may be attained by placing the maximum bet on the main game and the maximum side bet of $100.

Compensation from the Ladies

The normal rewards in this game are identical to those in standard blackjack, so you will get equal money for a regular win and 3 to 2 for any blackjack victory. You have all the standard play choices, including hit, stand, double, and split, depending on which button is illuminated. You also have the option to surrender for half your bet if you have a poor hand.

If you opt to play the side bet, you have the potential to win an exciting bonus reward in addition to the standard prizes. If your first two cards total 20, you win with odds of four to one. The payout for a suited 20 is 9 to 1, while the payout for an exact match is 19 to 1. You are paid 125 to 1 if you discover two Queens of Hearts, while the highest payment occurs when you find two Queens of Hearts and the dealer has a blackjack with his first two cards. If this occurs, you have a chance of winning a massive payment with odds of 1000 to 1!

Other Royal Games

For blackjack gamers who prefer trying out new variations of the game, there are several choices with entertaining side bets and additional opportunities to win. You might play Microgaming’s sonaish Blackjack, a unique variant of this traditional table game. This game utilizes eight decks containing just the tens and royal cards, as opposed to the standard 52-card deck (jacks, queens and kings). This offers a unique gameplay, and you may earn additional winnings for uncommon hands.

A Royal Blackjack Variation

Lucky Ladies is an engaging blackjack variant that utilizes the Queen card to create a whole new side game. Two Queen of Hearts cards and a blackjack combination at the beginning of the hand have a tremendous payout potential. This is one of the more lucrative side bets available, so players seeking enormous payoff possibilities will like this wager.

The game’s structure is conventional, and you may simply play a standard game of blackjack with Lucky Ladies. However, the inclusion of the side bet adds an added level of suspense to every hand as players watch for the winning Queens.

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