As one of the most important elements of slot games, volatility is always a concern. Although games with high volatility tend to be the focus of attention due to their huge jackpots, in fact, most punters are more willing to stick to low volatility adventures, consciously sacrificing the excitement and adrenaline chill in order to gain more More entertainment time.

Let’s take a closer look at these types of slot machines to find out why online casino players love low-volatility slot machines and which games are most popular in the gaming community. pgslot trial

Volatility slot machines in a few sentences are becoming more and more complex in terms of mechanics and additional functions, but the core factors that determine playability will never change. Along with RTP and hit rate, volatility or variance is one of the most important aspects that determine the behavior of a given game, namely how often you complete the winning sequence and the number of prizes offered.

Generally speaking, all slots can be divided into three main categories (low, medium, and high variations), with a large number of titles between low, medium, or very high. Although the launch of high volatility brings less bonuses but larger amounts, the opposite is true for periods of low volatility-they are designed to pay smaller but more frequent bonuses. true wallet Why do online casino players like low volatility slot machines? 

There is no better way to have fun than the reels of a well-spinning low-volatility slot machine. Although his payouts are far from amazing, they are frequent, sometimes every five spins, which is enough to maintain balance throughout the long game.

Needless to say, these stories are perfect for online casino gamblers with a moderate budget or people who don’t want to spend too much money on a single game. Low volatility games are also ideal for beginners and players who are still looking for a perfect match and want to try various games from different software providers.

Most slot machine fans…do not need jaw-dropping rewards to enjoy the most popular entertainment in the world, they are more willing to accept smaller but fairly regular bonuses without risking a lot of hard-earned money. , Low-variance games can’t give you life-changing sums-the original Mega Moolah, the world’s largest instant millionaire factory, was driven by low volatility. By the way, with a little research, you will find that games with jackpots are mainly low to medium volatility.

What is the most popular slot machine with low volatility? pg slot money

Due to the large number of low-volatility slots, it is impossible to list all the great versions in one article, and more importantly, new content is added every day to supplement the selection. However, some of these games stand out, they are universal favorites, and for good reason-these games are very fun! This is a fabulous trio worth checking out.

Starburst (NetEnt)

We bet that at least in the demo mode, no player has not tried Starburst. Since its debut in 2012, this gem universe has been in great demand in online casinos, and has continued to top the charts in different corners of the world. The secret of such popularity lies in the simple combination, but from the simple to the operable. Playability, affordable betting range and reliable winning potential. You can start spinning at a price of $0.10 per spin to take advantage of 10 two-way payout winning lines, and expand the wild created to complete more winning sequences and trigger up to 3 spins.

Popping Pinatas (Rival)

Nothing can compare to a carnival: a wonderful time, reserved for pure fun, full of exciting bonuses and super rounds. Like most Rival slot machines, this colorful game is made in accordance with the best traditions of Hollywood movies and tells the beautiful story of the charming dancer Catalina and the happy and lucky mariachi bands Pancho and Pepe.

However, perhaps the brightest smile on your face will make Pequeno, Catalina’s naughty Chihuahua an impressive reward for everyone who meets him. Packed with skulls, peppers, hats, guitars, and of course piñatas and tequila, this 50-line title is full of extra content. Don’t miss the chance to win coins by breaking piñatas in the Pick` em Pinatas Bonus Round, and naturally find at least three Lost Dog icons to enter the Little Where`s Bonus Round.

Heavenly Treasures (RTG)

The world of Asian-style mythological creatures and lucky charms designed by RTG is unique in many ways. It has an enhanced 5×5 grid and 3,125 ways to win. In addition to obtaining a stable maximum win of 2,500 times the total bet amount in a single spin, its extremely low volatility is very suitable for a wide betting range and a series of impressive additional features.

Magic lanterns are the key to real huge payouts because they trigger heaven gem selection rewards and free spins. Up to 25 flashlights can appear randomly per spin, whether you are enjoying the round in the base game or at home. To make things better, the free spin comes with a special flashlight multiplier that can increase your rewards up to five times.

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