When it comes to gambling, whether online or in physical casinos, there is no doubt: slot machines are king. There is a reason for this, when players enter a casino anywhere in the world, they will see their walls and walls!

The popularity of slot games has led to many myths, misunderstandings and misunderstandings. Let’s take a closer look to see what is true, what is false, and what players need to know to get the greatest chance of winning. superslot ฟรี 50

Myth #1: Game Setting ฝาก 15 รับ 100

This is the mother of all myths, and most misunderstandings come from this. Look at any online gambling forum or talk to any experienced gambler resting in the casino. This is the first complaint: “There is a system! It is manipulated by the player! And it is wise that you have to beat him.” Maybe It is natural to leave so many opportunities for opportunities, and those players who risk hard-earned money will see bad intentions that do not exist. Perhaps, in the early days, this was a reasonable concern. However, modern technology has stepped in to ensure that this is not the case. Today’s slot machines have a built-in random number generator (RNG). These ensure that the outcome of the game is truly independent, so that the casino or platform cannot manipulate the outcome of the reels in any way. Therefore, although the dealer will always maintain an advantage, players can generally trust that a reputable supplier is not manipulating the game to your disadvantage.

Misunderstanding 2: You won’t get two consecutive JACK victories.

Even experienced players are prone to this fallacy. After success, they will switch platforms immediately, thinking that they have already won a large bonus, and another one is unlikely to appear.

Lightning won’t hit twice, right? pgslot

Well, the RNG mentioned above ensures that lightning has the same possibility in any turn. One incident has nothing to do with another, and today’s casinos are under heavy regulatory pressure to ensure this is the case. Casino operators attach great importance to compliance, and this is not out of their good intentions! Suppliers may face severe penalties for failing to perform their duties and strongly encourage fair competition.

Myth 3: When TRAGAMONY is not paid in a lump sum, the jackpot will expire at any time.

This is similar to myth #2 above. If you toss a coin ten times heads up, what is the probability of the eleventh coin flip? Shouldn’t the cross be? This is a clear example of any gambler’s fallacy. The queue never expires. In the above example, the probability of the 11th landing on the head is 50/50. The event is not related. The same is true in slot games.

Misunderstanding 4: All game symbols have the same appearance on the reels.

This misunderstanding is easy to understand. When the reels are stopped, only the displayed symbols are visible; when they are on the go, the speed makes it difficult to understand the content, but the sad truth is that symbols that pay more appear less frequently than symbols that pay less. This is why small prizes are more common than large prizes, regardless of the degree of variation that a given slot machine may offer.

YTH #5: The probability of winning is greater (or greater) during special times or tournaments.

Similarly, it is easy to understand why bettors may conclude that it is easier to win the jackpot during peak hours. But RNG makes this impossible. Players have a more probable explanation based on their own experience: the more people play, the probability of winning is much higher than if there are fewer active players. But this is a factor in the number of active players, not their gaming environment.

Misunderstanding 6: Automated games are aimed at players.

Many punters know this feeling: the game is going well, auto games are on, and the player takes a short break, only to find that when they return, things have changed. . Must be the culprit! The RNG activated in a normal game is the same as in automatic activation. If the player notices that their fates are different, the likely cause is speed. In fact, when the player’s attention is elsewhere, the action can be very fast. The loss will increase rapidly. This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend turning on the stop loss limit during autoplay.

Myth 7: There is nothing players can do to improve their chances.

Myth6-autoplay-is-rigged-against-players-image After debunking the above myth, suggesting that players can control their game session seems strange. Indeed, with modern rules and computerized random values ​​reporting all individual results, players will not rely on the above-mentioned superstitious strategies to gain an advantage. However, the key to remember is that not all slot machines are created equal. ! Choosing the right title and provider can make a big difference. The rate of return for each player is definitely the “secret recipe” for a successful slot game. Many bettors don’t know that some slot machines provide RTP as high as 98%, while other slot machines offer RTP as low as 85%.

This difference indicates that the player’s funds will change dramatically. Knowing the RTP of a particular game will prevent players from wasting money on games that, despite their beautiful visuals and exciting features, mathematically separate funds from their former owners with extreme prejudice. Focusing on RTP, combined with the understanding of variance/volatility, will separate players from the competition and provide them with the greatest chance of success. We also strongly recommend that you check the general tips on playing slot machines. Happy playing!


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